The Turning of a Website into App: reasons and strategy

A lot of successful companies that started as websites have apps now: Airbnb, LinkedIn, Asos, and others. What makes them decided that it will bring a positive effect on their business? And why it does? However, the other important question is “How they did it?”.

We at ChallengeSoft wants to give you some answers with the hope that our article will make you choose the right for your business decision. 

5 Reasons to Turn Website into App

When you put your resources into anything, it goes with an understanding of Newton’s Third Law by itself: 

every action has a reaction.

That’s why we made a list of factors what you will get by making of the app from your website:

    1. The audience of today and future 

      Nowadays, the population of mobile devices is getting bigger and bigger: there are more mobile users than tablet users.

      One of the causes of it is the automation of alarm clocks, calendars, planners, and other daily routine things that makes the life of mobile users easier.

    2. The building of your own brand

      The idea of applicationize your business can be the first step for your branding process.
      Millions of iOS and Android users can get to know more from an app about your brand like:

      what to put in design

      All that build a reputation of your brand.

    3. Users like you more as the app

      Of course users like apps more than websites! From their perspective, the app is useful because:

      App gives you service 24/7.
      By analyzing eCommerce apps’ popularity and how different generations like to use them, we can add this point as a useful function for users.

      The offline mode existing.
      Some functions of an app are staying available, even if a device doesn’t have an Internet connection.

      User has a continuous experience with UI.
      App’s UI helps to build a connection for the trusting relationships between you and your user.

      Quicker navigation on mobile devices.

    4. New functions availability

      You can add and create various functions to make your app more useful. It could be mobile payment functions, camera access, and filters, notifications, tracking and more. Basically, anything that can interest users in your product.

    5. It looks better on various screens

      The website isn’t easily optimized across different smartphones through a hosted screen. Moreover, users can access the website from their smartphone, and they will not be able to find services quickly. The owner of the website, which contains important content, displays the full website on a small screen.

Screen Sizes

Transformation of Website into App with React Native

Now, when we make you consider applicationize your business, let’s talk about the way how you can do it. 

React Native is a great choice for creating hybrid apps and for a fast web app migration. Many famous companies, like, Skype, Instagram, Airbnb, Facebook have chosen React Native. Moreover, they have stayed as winners cause of good things it gives: fast speed, user experience, React.js conversation and ability of code reusing.

Native React let apps have native user experience for both iOS and Android platforms with such components as device features: inputs, buttons, and others. 

Choosing this framework seems to be a ticket to the budget-friendly heaven of a website to app convertation. However, it has some weak sides:

  • it improper for mobile games or any other high load kind of app;
  • lack of open-source solutions (that isn’t native *ba dum tss* for trendy technology).

Native App Development

Native App software program is a golden opportunity for every Java or Kotlin developer. In view of Android App Developers, they will make sure that everything, like design, testing and deployment won’t lose their quality. 

The iPhone App Developers won’t lag behind. Their knowledge of Swift or Objective-C languages will let them supply your requirements into an app to blow up the iOS market’s top trends list.

Last off, yes, Native App Development takes more resources and development time but it a price what you pay for:

  • high safety and security;
  • personalization;
  • a number of modules for development issues.

Other Ways to Turn your Website into App

One of the popular ways to turn a website into an app is to do it in the “one-click” way – convertation. It has to ways of realization: placing of a website into WebView-wrapper and convertation with WordPress or WooCommerce:

Ways of Website Convertation

Final Round: App VS Web Design

When you think about users and how they will interact with your product, you always consider their comfort during the session. It’s important on the same level for apps and for web sites: you examine user experience. Furthermore, applications are winners here:

The info-graphic about the difference of apps and web sites

On the other hand… Do you actually need the app’s advantages? Does your product need to:

  • get more users;
  • be used more than five times a day;
  • have access to native phone features.

The main reasons to do an app from your website are speed and ease of access for users. In order to understand your doubts, we advise you to run a small test. the build of an app costs more than $10k. It includes UI/UX design, backend development and establishing on iOS and Android. We recommend you to get a consultation with experts before investing your resources.