Think in design or why do you need UX consulting

According to PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Company), 32/100 users would stop cooperating with the brand after one bad experience, even if they love it. 

How to avoid it? Well, there’s a variety of ways, but one of them is the most effective: have a UX Consultant that will help to learn how to think in design. We at ChallengeSoft want to help you with advice and show why it’s useful and reasonable from different aspects.

What is UX in UI/UX Development Service

UX stands for user experience. In development, it gives a product scope to be accepted by users. In essence, with UX, your incredible features turned to be adored by people that will use them.

UX is the answer for such questions as:

Why we are doing it?

Why do users want to have our product?

What functions do we need?

What exactly we need to deploy into product functionality?

How should it look?

How your product can be aesthetically qualified? 

The aforementioned is the theoretical UX part including what it is in development. In practice part, we can see the UX Development Process and what is that:


From the design and development part of view, UX is understanding of users’ “wants”


UX: Understand users’ desires to specify, then set up solutions, after that, makes them into reality.

UX Consulting Definition

So, we already know what are elements for interaction, interface itself, layout and, of course, content, but how it all take care of users and satisfy them during a session?

This service is urgent for your product. Not only for search and finding of issues but for disposing of them. With UX consulting help, any product becomes more reasonable as well as intuitively production.


Why Do You Need to Hire UX Consultant: 3 Valuable Reasons 

Before spending costs and add a new person to your team, you analyze how cost-effective this decision is. The long story short, UX Consultant is outstanding because at least of these three reasons:

  • Expertise
  • Modernization
  • Innovation

Expertise: UX Consultants are experts in finding what’s failing in your product. After analyzation, they can present you with the right decisions for your solutions.

Modernization: The development team can do an incredible job. They give tasks every possible innovation when UX consulting works from the other side: it gives unusual ideas to keep the whole work on the product on top of the competition.

Innovation: UX Consultants are upgrading your product even on the after release stage. It could have development and rebranding formerly this kind of expert joined the team. Nevertheless, the consultant’s job is building of honesty partnership with the product’s owner and what would be great to change or edit. 

What Does UX Consultant Do for a Product

Design conception

Design conception helps to see how the team’s little ideas from notes turn to be a great design. With conception, you see opportunities, value, and future of your product’s look. This stage of work is great for collecting the information, statistics, and analytics to present it to the owner.

UX Consultant Helps Implement Changes. It’s an advisor, guide for your team to the great solutions. An advisor that won’t do all the job but will save you from possible issues.

Product Modernization

UX Analytics sum up what they have seen on your product’s interface and starts the delicate work with it – modernization. Product Modernization includes Audit Websites:

  • review and observing of end-users’ experience;
  • meetings with stakeholder;
  • reviews and walkthroughs of the old version of the project;
  • remodeling of user flow.

Establishing of Design System

The already done before this stage job with researches, analytics, and review of user experience, gives a UX Consultant a push to create a Design System – strategy to improve your project’s values.

Creating a fantastic user experience requires consistent work and conversions. A UX research consultant can help by creating a strategy that your team can follow.

Test and Review of User Experience

To understand this part of the UX Consultant job, let’s have an example from the owner’s perspective: you have a project. A nice one. Team of Developers and Designers have done their job on the next professional level… but still, it’s not perfect.

Here’s where UX Consultant relays the chase after perfection.


All these are basic UX Consultants Duties that make them good enough to be on their spot. But what makes them unique experts? 

What Should UX Consultant Know 

Before we start, here’s a quick reminder:

Inspire the team.

UX consultants motivate and inspire every member of the team for energy including power for new solutions for one goal: make everything in the product close to perfection as possible. Along with this destiny, brining an inspiration, UX Consultant should know:

  • how to work on specific fields to be useful for any kind of the product;
  • communication is key to everything: pay attention to every owner’s word to give critic as well as alternative thoughts;
  • flexibility on priority: be prepared for adaptation on any product’s stage.


If you stuck in a situation, where your product isn’t user-friendly, try to adapt UX consulting to identify problems and get the best user experience improvement strategy. You can always contact ChallengeSoft to get more than an expert’s advice. Our UX Consulting can guide your team to successful decisions through many challenges.