From front-end to back-end: custom website development

Ask yourself: why should you settle down with a basic website? There’s already a big competition on the market, so what’s a point to make another typical company’s website? 


Without a doubt, it’s a reason to make a customized one. We know that it’s not enough to even consider building a new website. So here’s a ChallengeSoft blog article with some more information that you need to know before rebranding the website.

What is Custom Web Development and its Important Features

It’s casual for companies to confront changes, rebranding and evolution of the service or product. But how to make this “meeting with innovations” successful? It’s cliché to say: be unique. So we will call it:

adding a soul and teaspoon of extravaganza into your rebranding.


And it’s not only about the look. It’s about code also.

Back-end Custom Web Development

The back-end of every website is an individual and complicated code environment. This is the driving force behind your website, almost all new sites require some form of custom web programming, customization supports the integration of internal data, adds dynamic data, supports data in synchronization, flexibility and adding dynamic content.


It’s exactly what we at ChallengeSoft do: satisfy specific requirements. We offer efficient solutions with high performance and increased stability. We also focus on well-documented and clean code that complies with programming language standards.

Front-end Custom Web Development

Interaction with your users should be always on point. And nothing can perform it better than well-done front-end custom web development. It can consist of as many as you want components to reach one of your goals: connection with users.


ChallengeSoft can offer you well-designed web designs that look good with fast, smooth, and intuitive navigation – a guaranteed component of our programming software.


We will also ensure that your users quickly reach their destination, reflecting the natural flow of navigation they may need. Your final product will load faster, look fantastic, and work without a hitch.

Custom Web Development Features

Properly designed websites combine technical acuity with creativity and common sense to provide visitors with a productive experience and drive more traffic. No matter using a website to sell products, provide services, gather leads and/or continually provide useful content to your audience, it can include 5 of these important specialized features:

  1. Forms: contact forms, Q&As forms, customer forms and more;

  2. Presentation of B2B/B2C data by website portal;

  3. Sales funnels that have specific for your service/product triggers;

  4. More abilities for clients (like customizing of product online);

  5. Site segmentation with different “states” of the website.


These features will be very useful for every website to show one of the company’s sides: the culture of communication with your customer. However, we can make your website better from more than one side with custom web development. Let’s see what benefits it has.

5 Custom Web Development Benefits

  1. The Look for Brand: 

Custom Web Development gives to each business’ unique products and services additional benefits in your competition. It makes a unique look with many features such as layout, fonts, and colors designed to enhance your online brand. 

Using the same list of templates will make your site basic and even since there will be many websites the same as yours. You can read more about such features and how to add them to your website here.

  1. Flexible for Users: 

Custom web development provides a convenient approach, during the development phase you can scale the entire process and make changes to suit your business needs.

You can also periodically customize your website when needed. Website templates cannot be customized because they contain many unnecessary editable codes.

  1. Speed:

The special design of your site eliminates unnecessary software and functionality, allowing the website to optimize both the functionality and design of these features, reducing download time and loading the website quickly. Website load times are critical to your business; This is the difference between landing and losing a customer.

  1. Creativity:

Setting up your website allows you to experiment (be creative) and perform features that give you a unique identity and give you more control and independence about navigation.

  1. Third-Party Integration:


Re-inventing your website is not cheap while designing your own websites, it allows you to integrate a more secure and secure third-party API, which will not only reduce overall development costs but also integrate your existing systems.

What Should you Consider during Custom Web Development

To make a conclusion, we decided to bring you the list of things during production that you should not forget:

These steps of production are important to your overall online presence and to every visitor. All of them make the decision between leaving your site or staying on.

Content Management

Those who update the content on the website should be able to do it easily. However, technological experience is no longer needed to download content. A convenient system for you could be WordPress, for example. It’s easy in using and in managing everything that should happen on your website.

Side Scripting

Server: This is part of your website that communicates between the pages your customers visit and your online database. Your database may contain business information such as prices, products, supplies, and more. A properly implemented server-side script allows clients to satisfy their needs.

Client: this type of side scripting is about the interaction of users with different links on the page. In other words, it lets your users scroll and search on your website intuitively.


Custom Coding and Design. However, the use of free services and building a basic website can exist as an option. But it won’t work for a prestigious look and a nice first impression. Yes, it will take more resources and efforts but just take a look at what it will cost.

Network Security

Nowadays it’s important to be sure in the safety of the website that you open as a user or release as an owner. The reason for it is the level of communication and information privacy that must have adequate protection, security to prevent unwelcome interruptions.