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Smart Ferti website is a shop with next-generation organic fertilizer derived from decades of experimental research. It has multi-country support for payments and full compliance with GDPR.This website allows you to purchase products of different amounts and portions. The idea of the service is to sell organic fertilizer and similar products for plants in a modern and safe way.
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Multi-countries paymentsThe client wanted to have website payments that would allow his company to accept payments not only from 1 or 2 countries - but from a lot of other countries as well. To make it work, we added several plugins that did a nice job for this. However, all of them had different UI that required some extra work to make all of them look the same way.Extended payment system with different flowsThe client wanted full compliance with GDPR and for such reasons a lot of nested flows were created - this allowed them to gather data with custom UI and still have fully secured information and operations. The bigger thing was to customize the UI for improving the user experience.


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