clarity - pos system

  • admin panel
  • mobile
  • sales accounting system


Years ago a client was managing all business sales and expenses on paper and that was a total chaos. Having lots of customers it took him much time to manage everything and he felt bad as at the end of the day nothing out of a huge amount of operations matched.We have built a solution - a cloud database with an easy installation process on mobile and tablet. Now the client processes all orders in the shop faster and he has the whole picture of all transactions, orders, warehouses stock amount and even discount functionality. And all these things are in one service that can be whitelabeled.

client's goals

The client wanted to create a point of sale and optimise routine work to achieve better conversions for shops, as well as encourage users to visit his shop more frequently.


Real-time updates for shop owners on mobilesThe client wanted to have real-time updates for shop mobile and tablet apps. We implemented this feature and approved it with Apple Store after their reviews - the app is actually a well-performed web in-app browser that syncs with the appropriate domain.High customizable optionsThe client wanted to make an extremely customizable shop UI for every customer. We moved everything to database configurations - this allowed admins to manipulate the UI. Once an app or website is opened - it firstly syncs with all UI configurations and then applies them, so every customer may have their whitelabeled solution.


Scalable solution that is ready for whitelabeling and customisations. Working software for digitizing everything around the shop.

additional features

  • Sales accounting
  • Loyalty system
  • Any device support
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Statistics
  • Access from anywhere in the world