Why a Building of App Costs as It Does

Henry Ford said once: “whatever you have, you must either use or lose”. We at ChallengeSoft always choose against losing, and here’s our article about figuring out what resources will be spent during the app building and why . 

Cost of Mobile App: What it Made of? 

It’s not a secret that each competitive company tries to guarantee the quality of their professionalism. Still, we are going to look on details: many circumstances and, the most important, it bet bottom dollar on your soulmate – your perfect team. Such soulmate will:

  • understand you when you are a mouthful; 
  • accepting every fail decision that your app have gotten and transform every bug into the feature;
  • give your app support on the post-release stage.

Besides, it depends on where’s your team locates:

The United States of America and Canada (North American) Region

Whenever you choose to code your app for Android or iOS, it will, rather to say cost you an arm and a leg: 20-250$ per hour.

Australian Region

Experts of this region will create an app for you for from 35 but under 150 dollars per hour.

South American Region

The third place of expensive developers’ region cost range is typically from 25 to 120 dollars

British Region

The British team will probably rate you with 35-175$ per hour.

Eastern European Region

Developers from this region are amount from 20 to 110 dollars per hour.

Indian Region

Developers are pleased to receive $ 10-75$ per hour.

Indonesian Region

The highest cost of developing applications in this region is 20 or more dollars per hour.

Types of Mobile Apps

Let’s apportion types of apps to see what exactly do you need:

Device App

This sort of apps is characterized by its purpose: to be helpful for you and your device. It’s, for example, monitoring and tracking, remote and other applications.

Functionality App

Useful Apps to everyone who wants to step out from native features of the device. With such applications, developers aren’t made up of bicycles again. It’s more like they put better wheels on it.

Custom Utility App

Personalize for business and its owners’ apps. They could be useful for your location areas and, in addition, gives you full monitoring and planning features.

Game App

Nowadays, features for game apps are unlimited: smartphone’s facilities give developers everything to make different games like online, multiplayer games and others.

App Development Team and Their Knowledge

The big number of requirements isn’t even close to the number of development teams around the world. But who are those people and why would you give them your precious – future product for production?

Let’s sort all their departments out to see what exactly their job gives your project.

Who’s in the Team? 

The number of experts depends on your budget and needs.

Project Manager

Keep the team from burnouts and quicksands (risks) during a project. Also, project managers do their best to fit in release deadlines.  


Developers’ duties are coding and data integration. However, they also fix bugs and other issues.

UI/UX Designer

Optimize the project for your users. UI/UX Designers solve some interface issues to make your app be comfortable in using.

QA Engineer

controls the product’s development on every step until the team releases it with high quality and compliance of all requirements.

Back-end Developer

Back-end Developers are safeguards for the code: they make sure that the full stack of features on the app works properly.

DevOps Engineer

The System Administrator assists the team in every step and monitors the infrastructure performance.

Technical Expert

Person that has enough experience in coding to get a role of project curator: this person has knowledge and skills to be useful for team in advice and extra help when they afford a stalemate.

Team’s Worth 

The cost of creating a mobile application (or web application) is often based on the number of hours the project can take and the more complex the functionality, the longer it will take to implement it. 

Pros and Cons: Outsource and Local Teams

Today’s world is pretty small compared to 10ish years ago. That’s why the hiring of outsourcing companies isn’t a problem at all: you just need to choose one from thousands of candidates. But do you need it? Let’s find out!

It’s understandable if the cons of the outsource team play a huge role in your decision. However, you can always take a look at the local teams:

Whoever you choose to work with, you should know what exactly is in the process of the app development.

The App Development Process

Basically, the App Development Process consists of:


The big project needs huge solutions. Your application for millions of users needs data synchronization. For that, you need infrastructure. The search for solutions for it, lead us to backend developers, who create your app’s backend on various programming languages.


There are many third-party integrations that can increase the speed of development, including niche-specific ones. However, third-party integrations, especially niche ones, sometimes provide conflicting and complex documentation. 


Payment is a necessary part of modern applications. You would like to have an option of integration of as many payment options as possible: PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. 

Hardware Elements 

Let’s say you want to build a smart home system that relies on your Internet of Things device. To resolve such requirement, you need to invest in (or rent) an ELD or IoT device to test the software.

Support of browsers and OS 

There is a risk that your application won’t be ready for the growth: getting more users. It’s the reason why during the production, you are making sure that it will work on the latest versions of the operational systems and different browsers like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Custom Design 

Comfortable in using interface which is designed specifically for your app will expense time and money: hundreds of tries, animations plus finding of identity. UI/UX work demand analysis, planning along with producing.

The after release phase

An average application building budget consists entirely of the actual programming worth. Additionally, we recommend you to consider the further outcomings as budget on the product’s growth. If you are using an app as a tool for running your business, it needs customer support, updates, and more.

SumUp: What else You Should Add to Your Outgoings

Todays’ users have high expectations from applications. Money is like a gas: it will let you ride wherever you need, but it will never take the place of the driver. 

We at ChallengeSoft believe that every driver needs a navigator and our team is always ready to become one for you and your app. Contact us to meet at the start of road to success.