Work with Augmentation Team: How to Not Screw Up

Everyone can screw up. Except those who are ready to face the risks and reality. We are here, for these great and risky people to talk about a team (/staff) augmentation: how it should look, work and why it could be a great decision for you – it’s benefits. All of this in one ChallengeSoft Blog article: let’s go!

What is Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation is the model of flexible talent hiring. This model also consists of its own management strategy to influence the team precisely. The strata of this model are that you are the person who will hire candidates to satisfy requirements and needs. It’s exactly what makes the staff augmentation model delightful. 

Usually, such remote experts hired for one project. But still, they are full-time workers for your good, with a contract that might be extended.

Staff Augmentation in 4 perks:

      1. no infrastructure loan;
      2. saving recruitment time;
      3. no geographical boundaries;
      4. cost-effective.

This process involves access to the skills of current employees, the addition of new members and team to ensure project results and timely delivery.

This usually results in employees working with qualified contractors with specific programming skills. In this way, companies can acquire new talent much faster than hiring new employees or training existing ones. The demand for this approach comes from an extremely bright market where cost-effectiveness and timing are everything.

Will Team Augmentation Fits for You? Model of Team Augmentation

Nowadays, the IT market is big as its appetites: this platform needs more talents, updates and also, different business models to satisfy every player in this field. In this article, we will get your attention only on one of the variants, where the Team Augmentation is a great choice.


Opening of the new abilities

They are new for your team experts that will bring a fresh view and unusual thoughts. Their minds as their eyes aren’t blurred yet for the current project. It could be a cause for changes.

Different type of hiring

You aren’t sure about terms for staff augmentation and everybody understands it. That’s why the recruiter (or you as a recruiter) should consider all risks and be honest with the future augmentation team.

New strategy and skills

You hire these people to satisfy the requirements that the in-house team can’t. New knowledge and skills that the out-of-house team has can cause changes in organization of work.

All of these are great arguments to analyze such a model and get to know everything that can help you to choose the right people from the right type of teams.

3 Types of Augmentation Teams

  • Product team

You know all about augmentation team benefits and want to use them for basic needs: project, event or retail.

  • Skillful team

You are very close to dead end… but you don’t want to be in such a position and hire a team that knows how to help. Their services are processing of data, management and basic content writing. 

  • Experts and Consultants

Yep, it’s a dead end. Or you just demand a deployment. However, you see the need for a higher level of skills for your projects, like more software development engineers, branding (or re-branding) and UI/UX Experts.


We want you to make sure that your future decision will fits right. So, let’s get closer to the Model of Team Augmentation.

Model of Team Augmentation 

If to answer shortly, the team augmentation model is where the out-house experts take the organization (management and consultants) lever arm to carry out all issues and adapt themselves to the in-house team.

Most organizations use a suite of service providers depending on their needs. When considering the staffing list, the most important thing is to determine what you are trying to achieve and what is most important.

3 Cases Where the Team Augmentation Model is the Great Idea

  • Limited Period

The hiring of the Augmentation Team doesn’t mean that you are increasing workplaces: it’s for one work project.

Take Augmentation Team Experts 

as lifeguards 

that heard your S.O.S. signal

  • Critical Intellectual Property

Good Augmentation can provide to a business owner encouragement, comfortable feeling that all secrets on the project will be kept on it. But, organizations must measure twice and cut once: act slowly and carefully, hiring additional staff for top-secret projects. 

Experienced out-house teams have secrets as part of their workday and know how to take them all seriously.

  • M in “Team” is for Manager

Sometimes the technical force of the project needs help with the understanding of the different mentality of the context and right analyzing of time and skills resources. Managers work in the augmentation team are useful to avoid risks. 

Work with Augmentation Team: How to Not Screw Up

In fact, our ChallengeSoft developers forget about existing of such risks. How? Ask our PM!

Comparing of Team Augmentation with other Work Models

To this place in the article, we said “augmentation” 21 times. However, back to the point, we want you to know that there are other business models to work. Let’s compare them!

Staff Augmentation VS Time and Money (T&M) Model 

T&M is the pay as you go model. Business owners give unchanged work amount before the start of work. In the teams turn, they give the price tag and then the project goes to the production.

Difference between such model and staff augmentation in connection: T&M Model isn’t about communication with the team. You are more likely to never meet these people, that why tell about your goals clearly to an outsourcing partner that takes time and effort. 

If you do not have the internal resources to manage the landing, or you just cannot afford it, we recommend you use this model and go to your personal staff after you see the maturity, learning to use them and immersing yourself in large numbers to better understand how mutual outsourcing works.

Staff Augmentation VS Fixed Price Model 

The outsourced project must set a period in advance with the deadline that requires the authenticator firm an estimated price (until now, the website mailing may be available under this category, or the technical support agreement will be strictly limited to recruitment necessary services).

What is contrasting in this model and staff augmentation is that developers earn work on the project and see it completed. You never interfere with the course of development. It’s a great model for business owners without a technology background because they can’t help or understand the developing team during production.

Staff Augmentation VS IT Outsourcing 

The Augmentation team model will fit well to the success of its company in case of order to be successful and quickly convinced it has developed the necessary specific creations or at least low navigation competence. Enhanced teams allow you to take advantage of the world’s high skilled talented people.

Outsourcing is a concurrent style. It’s pioneering ready with all supplies that collaboration models used to produce programs. With personal software, this is a generally known expanding various employees model, developed using talent or navigation, which is important for finding a fairly expensive basket in the local market.

The Core in People

We at ChallengeSoft would be glad if you take the important and valuable things for you from this article. Nevertheless, we can’t tell what you must and must not do, but, what we can recommend you to choose people who care about the success of your project.

From our perspective, a given start-up or project is something that takes control of our thoughts, dreams and actions also known as the whole life. So do the lives of our partners: we share the love for this work with them. You can search for such people or maybe, you already did! They are here!